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language training, translation and assessment for companies.
Professionelle Übersetzung


Translation services increase accessibility, improve communication, strengthen brand reputation and expand market reach.

Professionelle Sprachtraining


Language training services improve intercultural communication, promote employee loyalty, strengthen customer relationships and increase market opportunities.

Sprache Bewertung für Unternehmen


Language assessment services provide an objective assessment of language skills, identify gaps, inform training needs, measure progress and improve employee performance.



Immersive language learning experiences, cultural awareness, team building, increased motivation and improved communication skills for international workforces.

Why Choose Us


Over 20 years offering language solutions to companies in Europe


Using high quality proven materials and experienced trainers 


To enable speedy delivery anywhere, anytime to anyone.


We accommodate our customers requirements to ensure the best results

About Our Company

Interspeech has more than 22 years of experience in offering  foreign language services.

Since our inception, we have delivered thousands of in-person training hours, both virtually and face-to-face training for a variety of industries.
We offer comprehensive training and translation services in almost any desired target language with a high level of practical relevance. 

Client Testimonials

“I am extreamly happy with the lessons that I got. My teacher Derek gave me a lot of advices and tips how to improve my business english skills. I changed my behavior and the results is great.”
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Andrii V
“Derek helped me to improve my skills as a trainer and coach. I loved to book him for my keynote speaker project: #susangoesinternational. Thank you so much..”
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Susanne N
“Ich habe mich sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt und mein Englisch ist deutlich sicherer geworden. Als nächstes werde ich hier mein Spanisch auffrischen. Daumen hoch für Interspeech, klare Weiterempfehlung!.”
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Katrin B

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