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We are the leading provider of advanced and effective smart language learning solutions. By partnering with the best third-party providers, we offer a wide range of online training courses and apps that utilise the latest developments in artificial intelligence to help you master any language. We have something for everyone, from popular languages like English and Spanish to less common languages.
Unsere Kurse sind flexibel, jederzeit und überall zugänglich, und Sie können in Ihrem eigenen Tempo lernen.
We work with industry-leading providers to offer you high-quality and reliable language training.


12 Jul 2024

ESP (English For Specific Purposes) Ihre Karriere fördern kann

ESP, English for Specific Purposes, kann deine beruflichen Fähigkeiten schärfen und dich schneller auf die nächste Karrierestufe katapultieren.
ESP English for Specific Purposes


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4 Jul 2024

Virtual and Blended Learning for Language Acquisition

Advantages of virtual and blended learning ,Online language courses, virtual and blended learning languages, language training for companies
the advantages of virtual and blended learning



1 Jul 2024

Virtual and integrated learning:

Experience the future of language learning with our virtual and integrated learning via our trusted partners.
Virtuelles und integriertes Lernen


Unsere intelligentes Sprachen lernen kurse

Our extensive range of courses is tailored to all levels and learning styles. We have the right course for you, whether you are a beginner who wants to learn the basics or an advanced learner who wants to perfect their skills.

intelligentes Sprachen lernen programmes

Virtuelles intelligentes Sprachen lernen

Unsere Kurse bieten eine ausgewogene und umfassende Sprachlernerfahrung, die die Flexibilität des Online-Lernens mit der persönlichen Note des Präsenzunterrichts verbindet. Beschäftigen Sie sich mit interaktiven digitalen Inhalten in Ihrem eigenen Tempo und profitieren Sie von Live-Sitzungen mit erfahrenen Lehrern, die Ihnen individuelles Feedback und Unterstützung bieten. Entdecken Sie, wie Blended Learning Ihre Sprachkenntnisse beschleunigt.

Online KI-gestütztes intelligentes Sprachen lernen

Unlock the future of language learning with our AI-powered online courses. These courses use the latest developments in artificial intelligence to adapt to your individual learning style and pace for a personalised and efficient learning journey. Our interactive lessons, real-time feedback and adaptive challenges will keep you motivated and on track. Immerse yourself in the world of AI-driven language learning and see how smart technology can revolutionise your learning experience.

KI-gesteuerte intelligentes Sprachen lernen-Apps

Transform your language learning with our innovative learning apps. Designed for the modern learner, these apps offer a convenient and engaging way to practise and master new languages anytime, anywhere. Our apps make learning fun and effective with fun lessons, progress tracking and instant feedback. Discover the variety of apps available and find the perfect tool to suit your lifestyle and learning goals. Take advantage of mobile learning and start your language journey today.

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Interspeech has more than 22 years of experience in the provision of foreign language services.

Since our inception, we have delivered thousands of hours of in-person and virtual training to a wide range of industries.
We offer comprehensive training and translation services in virtually any target language with a high degree of practical relevance.

Client Testimonials

Andrii V
Andrii V
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“I am extremely happy with the lessons that I got. My teacher, Derek, gave me a lot of advice and tips on how to improve my business English skills. I changed my behavior, and the results are great.”
Susanne N
Susanne N
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“Derek helped me improve my skills as a trainer and coach. I loved to book him for my keynote speaker project: #susangoesinternational. Thank you so much..”
Katrin B
Katrin B
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“Ich habe mich sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt und mein Englisch ist deutlich sicherer geworden. Als nächstes werde ich hier mein Spanisch auffrischen. Daumen hoch für Interspeech, klare Weiterempfehlung!.”